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For Beloved Girl Story

#1 Mineral Cloud-Silk Mask brand, crafted from top-grade cotton and textile technology.
Over the past five year the founder of FBG lead her R&D team to establish For Beloved Girl and in 2016 They  has introduced the concept of mineral mask collection. For Beloved Girl was specially-developed for millennial women in search of high-quality, mid-priced skincare solutions. 
For Beloved Girl will first introduce Indonesia to its collection of cloud silk masks, which carry precise formulations of minerals such as copper, iron and zinc to target major skin concerns.

Introduction of sheet mask

For Beloved Girl has developed six mineral masks to target the most common skin concerns for younger women.
The mineral mask collection utilizes a revolutionary mask carrier called “cloud-silk.” Crafted from top-grade cotton and textile technology, cloud-silk is transparent and invisible, with a high degree of elasticity for complete coverage of tender skin.
The ultra-fine cotton fibers lock in more serum for complete induction deep within the skin! With three major advantages: “invisible skincare”, “ultra-rapid serum induction” and the “mask with the perfect fit”.